A practical lesson on GIS spatial analysis, geomarketing

The fifth training action of the seven scheduled for the COVID-19 special period was conducted on 7 and 8 July.

Celia Sevilla, Lead GIS specialist at the Spanish National Geographic Institute, was in charge of preparing materials and conducting this training action.


A practical lesson on GIS spatial analysis, geomarketing.

Explanation of the different types of GIS analysis for vector data: based on attributes, spatial queries or buffer. Implementation stages of a GIS project: feature modelling, data collecting, data integration, analysis and updating. GIS on the web, a case study: SIGNA (National GIS of Spain) where citizens can exploit geographical data with a common web browser.

A practical approach to using QGIS or ArcGIS: loading data, analysis, loading of OGC services, map design, etc.

GIS Overview

During the first session, Celia Sevilla described in detail what a GIS system is and what are its typology and main components .

To define a GIS system the expert used Stanley Aronoff’s definition: “A Geographic Information System provides the ability to perform spatial analysis of multiple and complex datasets in an integrated manner and to obtain derived information that allows the original data to be displayed in different ways and from various perspectives


The SIGNA system provides the ability to perform spatial analysis of IGN (Spanish National Geographic Institute) data in an integrated way and online, which allows users to display the information from various perspectives.

SIGNA has more than 80 types of characteristics classified according to INSPIRE themes, including administrative units, transport network, hydrography, buildings, production and industrial facilities and protected sites.

See presentation…

Other Spanish webs examples of using Geo spatial information:

Putting queries to SIGNA…

The SIGNA system allows a wide range of geospatial queries that give a high added value to this cartographic tool.

Likewise, it has a high capacity for particularizing these queries, making it possible to record and export these in different formats.

Below is an example of a query embedded in the article itself and that allows its modification and online adaptation:

Access to the videoconferences


In this training action folder you will find all the documentation used in the different sessions.

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