Visiting A Local Office For State Registration In Brest

A group of Belarusian and Dutch cadastral specialists involved in mission A1.2.3 M2 have been on a visit to Brest to visit the Local Office for State Registration and Cadastre in the framework of C1 activities dedicated to the joint elaboration of a Business Plan for the development and publication of the NCA Metadata Portal.

On the way to Brest, a city on the Belarusian border with Poland, the experts enjoyed the opportunity to appreciate the incomparable beauty of the Nesvizh Castle surrounded by an old park.

The Nesvizh Castle dates back to the late 16th and early 17th centuries and had been the family residence the Radziwiłłs until 1939.

The next morning, the experts were received by the Director of the Brest Office for State Registration and Cadastre, Vasili Khaladtsou, and his team.

During the visit, Maryna Litreyeva gave a quick overview of the project and Nicolien Jongerius showed the main features of the Dutch metadata portal, managed by the PDOK.

It was a live presentation that aroused a great interest on the part of the top managers of the Brest Office participating in the meeting. After getting familiar with the practical side of the PDOK the experts could discover similarities and differences between the Dutch and Belarusian model.

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