Creating the basis for metadata management

The second mission of Activity A2.2 intended to enhance the capacity of the National Cadastral Agency (NCA) to publish, edit and maintain its geospatial metadata was held on 14, 15 and 16 October 2020.

The A2.2 Team working…
In the IT building…

Experts Paloma Abad and Laura Alemany of the Spanish National Geographic Institute (CNIG) held thematic sessions in close cooperation with the NCA team formed by Valentin Sharyn, Dmitry Sidarovich, Kirill Slabodich, Natalia Drazdova and Valeria Shakal.

Metadata methodology manual

An important part of the mission was to present and discuss the final version of the methodology document for metadata management. During the three-day mission there was a continuous exchange of information, which led to a continuous update of the methodology manual.

See presentation

Working with GeoNetwork

GeoNetwork is an open source application widely used in the geospatial data management sector. It offers powerful tools for editing and searching metadata, as well as an interactive web map viewer.
Experts involved in both C1 and C2 activities have recommended the use of GeoNetwork to the NCA for the construction of its geospatial metadata portal.

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As an important outcome of the mission, it is worth mentioning the first metadata schema of the NCA, which was developed by the NCA team (specifically for the entity “buildings”) in accordance with the standards agreed upon during the two missions undertaken as part of this activity.

The atmosphere of collaboration between the Spanish and Belarusian teams has been very good and productive.

Online course: metadata management and catalogue

As a complementary deliverable of this activity, a 3-month online course (metadata management and catalogue) has also been carried out to cover all aspects related to geospatial metadata management, with an in-depth review of relevant regulations.

17 experts from the NCA have received training in geospatial metadata management techniques.

Thus, all requirements associated with this activity have been fulfilled.


To find all the documentation used in the different sessions, please, check the Activity A2.2 folder.

A2.2 Activity deliverable

Here you can see the final version of the metadata methodological manual delivered to the project.

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