First online training session: Introduction to ISO 19131

Following the special training programme recently approved by the Steering Committee of the project, the first two-day training action was conducted in an online mode on June 3rd and 4th.

The lead speaker at this session was Antonio Rodríguez Pascual, Assistant Deputy Director at the Spanish National Centre for Geographic Information.
The focus of the session was on reviewing in detail the ISO 19131 standard.


Most standards of the ISO 19100 suite are not very widely implemented and perhaps are more reference documents forming in some way an encyclopaedia of fundamental concepts in the field of Geographic Information (GI) than ready-to-use standards. But ISO 19131:2007 Geographic Information – Data Product Specification is one of the more important exceptions: this is one of the most useful and needed ISO/TC211 international standards and probably to study it is the most natural way of getting familiar with the complexity of the ISO 19100 suite of standards. ISO 19131 introduces in the centre of the framework established by GI standards the fundamental concept of a GI data product and defines a standardized way of describing it considering its more relevant aspects, each one defined by other ISO 19100 standards. In those sessions, a brief introduction to the philosophy and main concepts of the standard is provided, its role and relationships with other standards are described and all its technical aspects are explained from a theoretical point of view and with the help of some practical examples.


The objectives of the training action were as follows:

  • To explain the key role played by the ISO 19131 “Data Product Specifications” standard
  • To explain the importance of the concepts of Data Product and Data Product Specification
  • To make an introduction to ISO 19131
  • To give an overview of INSPIRE Cadastral Parcel data specifications

First day: an introduction to ISO 19131

During the online sessions on the first day, the ISO 19131 standard, which deals with the detailed description of a product and how to produce, deliver and use it, was reviewed in depth.

Access to video session

Note: to access the recorded sessions you must be registered on the project’s extranet.

Second day: Review of INSPIRE Regulations

During the second day Antonio Rodriguez made a review of the INSPIRE regulations and in particular of the INSPIRE Data Specification on Cadastral Parcels.

Access to video session

Note: to access the recorded sessions you must be registered on the project’s extranet.


All the documentation used during the online sessions is available in the repertoire of the training action.

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