Improving data quality control

Aimed at improving the capacity of the NCA to exercise geospatial data quality monitoring, the third mission of Activity A2.3 was held from 15 to 18 September 2020.

Four experts from the Netherlands and Spain and 13 specialists from the the National Cadastral Agency of Belarus( NCA) participated in this mission.

More than 20 experts participated in this mission.

Discussing the methodology for quality control of geospatial data

During the first two days of the mission the experts were reviewing, correcting and modifying the first version of the methodological document that served as a starting point.

See presentation

After the presentation there was a round of questions to clarify some concepts and aspects about data quality and the quality check methodology.

NCA quality control checks

On the second day of the mission, the NCA experts showed in detail different Use Cases that will be part of their methodology manual for geospatial data quality control.

See the presentation

Roundtable to present second version of methodology document

On the last day the experts made a comprehensive presentation to show the work done.

The first part of the presentation, conducted by Anouk Huisman and Javier Luque, was dedicated to demonstrating the main guidelines followed by the parties to elaborate the second and final version of the methodological guide for controlling the quality of geospatial data. The experts presented the concept of the Data Quality Model and the international standards on geographical information that regulate it; they focused mainly on the standard for data quality (ISO 19157).

The second part was a presentation by the NCA team, in which they showed in detail the version adapted to the needs of the NCA that the experts had carried out and that has been included into the second version of the methodological manual.

See the roundtable video session

More than 20 experts actively participated in this mission. The quality of the documents produced gives an idea of the professionalism and the collaborative environment that existed during the three missions that made up this activity.


To find all the documentation used in the different sessions, please, check the Activity A2.3 folder.

A2.3 Deliverable

Here you can see the second and final version of the methodological manual for checking data quality.

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