INSPIRE Conference 2019: Helsinki

Organised by the EU, the INSPIRE 2019 Conference was held in Helsinki on October 22-24, 2019.

The event brought together around 170 specialists from 29 countries to foster discussion and new ideas on how to get the full potential of spatial data. The three-day event featured data challenges, practical hands-on workshops and future-oriented keynote presentations.

As part of the EU Twinning Project with the National Cadastral Agency of Belarus (Activity A4.2), an NCA delegation took part in this important sectoral event.
Led by RTA Maryna Lietreyeva, the Belarusian delegation also included Pavel Drazdou, Yaroslav Ageichick, Valiantsin Sharyn, Aliaksandr Koran and Alexander Martsinovich also participated.

One of the goals of the event was to bring forward solutions on how to better adapt spatial data and services to the needs of the society. The need for getting out of the “spatial bubble” and for having the doors open to all kinds of users was the important key message of the event.

At a time of change in the NCA, the INSPIRE Conference is seen as an invaluable source of information and ideas, which are already in use in other countries and organizations responsible for the production, publication and management of geospatial data.

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