Metadata Portal Business Plan

The main objective of Activity A1.2.3 was to prepare a business plan for the development and implementation of a metadata portal for the NCA.

To carry out this activity, three missions were conducted during the third and the fourth quarter of 2019.

The work has been directed by the experts of the Dutch Cadastre, Nicolien Jongerius and Jaap-Willem Sjoukema, with a team of 5 specialists led by Alexander Koran participating on behalf of the NCA.

Mr. Sudas, Mrs. Jongerius, Mr. Zhukov, Mr. Koran and Mrs. Kukanova


During these three missions, a large number meetings were held with officials and experts from the NCA and other organisations in the sector, including BelPSHAGI (Belaerogis), Minsk City Agency for State Registration and Land Cadastre, and Belgeodezia.

Mr. Tarakanov with Mrs. Jongerius and Mr. Sjoukema

The Dutch expert team along with NCA specialists have also visited the local registration offices in Minsk and Brest .

In the Brest Office

On December 13 , the results of the work carried out were presented to the NCA management. The presentation was led by the Dutch experts and the head of the NCA team for this activity, Mr. Aliaxander Koran.

Mr. Koran during metadata portal business plan presentation

The business plan comes up with detailed recommendations and spells out the necessary steps for the development and implementation of a metadata portal by the NCA. When successfully implemented, the metadata portal can grow into a source for the national metadata portal, which will help users in their daily search for Belarusian spatial data. Currently, the NCA already possesses the knowledge and skills to develop such a portal.

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