Metadata requirements portal: First mission

A1.2.2 M1: Metadata requirements portal

The first mission of Component 1 (A1.2.2 M1) was carried out during the week of July 8 – 12, 2019.

Conducted simultaneously, A1.2.2 M1 and A3.1.1 M1 were the first two missions of the NCA-BY-18 Twinning Project.

The A1.2.2 M1 mission was led by experts of the Dutch Cadastre, Nicolien Jongerius and Cora van Oorschot.

The objective of this activity was to define of the necessary requirements for the creation of a metadata portal by the NCA.

In order to obtain a profound insight into the situation, the experts conducted interviews with several NCA staff members.

Component 1 and 3 experts

The questionnaires used in these interviews are available on the extranet and will serve as a basis for elaborating a requirements document for the construction of a metadata portal for the NCA.

Dutch experts interviewing NCA staff

On the first day’s morning during a joint session with the Component 3 mission, the NCA Director General, Mr. Filipenka, gave a welcome speech encouraging all experts in attendance to do a good job.

Mr. Filipenka welcoming experts of C1 and C3 missions

Mrs Maryna Litreyeva gave a presentation on the NCA internal structure as well as the main tools and information systems available for internal use and for her collaborators.

Presentation of PDOK: the Geodata platform
of the Netherlands

Group photo of A1.2.2 M1 and A3.1.1 M1 participants

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