Recommendations for new geospatial curricula of Belarusian universities

The purpose of this activity is to improve the contribution the NCA has been making to Belarus’ academic education in order to ensure that the NCA’s future employees have the necessary technical knowledge.

More than 30 Belarusian and Spanish experts participated in this mission.

The work under Activity A4.3 is aimed at preparing a document containing recommendations for updating the curricula for geospatial and cadaster-related subjects taught at Belarus’ universities. The first mission of this activity was conducted from October 19 to 23, 2020.

The experts commissioned by the Spanish Cadastre were Jesús Puebla and Ignacio González.

On behalf of the NCA the mission was led by Denis Zhukov.

Mr. Zhukov during one of the online sessions.

Working with Belarusian State Agricultural Academy

Experts of the Land Management Faculty of the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy.

During the first two days of the mission there were different meetings and interviews with experts of the Belarusian Agricultural Academy (based in Gorki, Mogilev Oblast).
The representatives of this educational institution gave a presentation on the regulations governing university education in Belarus, providing an overview of the Belarusian university system.

They then discussed issues related to specialized training in cadastre-related subjects available at the Academy through the Faculty of Land Management. A complete list of the subjects taught in each of the specialities related to cadastral issues was drawn up for the Spanish experts, with an analysis of the study programmes.

See presentation


As a continuation of the work, interviews were held with representatives of the NCA and the Training Centre of the State Property Committee (SPC). This centre provides training services to specialists of the State Property Committee and the agencies and companies that depend on it. Its extensive training offer includes specific programmes for the training of specialists working in the NCA.

Excellent video produced by SPC to showcase its training services
Ms. Alla Bordilovskaya and Ms. Olga Zinevich from the SPC Training Centre

The session continued with a detailed presentation by the heads of each of the different departments of the NCA on the training of the specialists working in each of these departments.

See presentation

Working sessions with Belarusian State University

As a final part of this intense mission, there were several meetings with representatives of the Department of Geographic Information Systems, Geoinformatics and Earth Sciences of the Faculty of Geography and Geoinformatics. By conducting interviews the Spanish experts extended their knowledge of the programmes maintained by these faculties in geospatial and cadastral techniques.


Belarus has a well-established system in which public administration, in this case the NCA, is directly provided by professionals from the university world: entrants receive initial training when they enter the system, periodic training or retraining courses are conducted for all professionals at regular intervals.

The interaction between the university and the public administration is in this case even more important and this interaction between the NCA and the university takes place at different times.

The experience of more than three decades accumulated by the General Directorate for the Cadastre of Spain in the development of training programmes for its newly-recruited staff and for the training of its current staff can be very useful for strengthening the internal training system that the NCA is developing in cooperation with the SPC Training Centre.

For more detailed information, access the mission report resulting from this mission.


To find all the documentation used in the different sessions, please, check the Activity A4.3 folder.

A4.3 Activity deliverable

Here you can see the final version of the Report with analysis and recommendations of current curricula related to Land Registry, Land Law, GIS and Business administration at Universities delivered to the project.

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