Second Steering Committee Meeting held

On September 23, 2019 the second Steering Committee Meeting of the Twinning Project was conducted at the NCA headquarters, with the following persons in attendance:

  • Mr. Andrei Filipenka, BC Project Leader
  • Ms. Elena Rakova, EUD Project Manager
  • Mr. Ignacio García, MS Project Leader
  • Mr. Haico van der Vegt, MS Junior Project Leader
  • Ms. Maryna Litreyeva, BC RTA
  • Mr. Dzianis Zhukau, BC Component 4 Leader
  • Mr. Alexander Koran, BC Component 1 Leader
  • Mr. Pablo Rodenas, FIIAPP Project Manager
  • Mrs. Victoria Gurinovich, MS RTA Assistant
  • Mr. Boris Zhukov, MS RTA Language Assistant
  • Mr. Jesús R. Ortega, MS RTA

The meeting began at 14:30. Mr. Andrei Filipenka was the first to take the floor: he greeted the participants and made an introductory speech.

Mr. Ignacio Garcia informed the Steering Committee about his recent appointment as Director General of Educational Infrastructures of the Autonomous Community of Madrid and therefore the need to resign as MS Project Leader. He also informed that the person chosen by the Director General of the Spanish Cadastre to occupy the MS Project Leader position is Mr. Fernando Serrano, Senior Manager in the Spanish General Directorate of Cadaster. 

Mr. Filipenka warmly thanked Mr. García for his participation in this project and wished him success on his new professional path.

Mr. Jesús Ortega and Ms. Maryna Litreyeva, presented the activities carried out in the project during the last 3 months as well as the activities planned within the second semester work plan.

The participants agreed that the activities of this period were successful and Mr. Haico van der Vegt emphasized the importance of the first meeting with stakeholders which was conducted during the INSPIRE Workshop.

Mr. Haico van der Vegt suggested including an additional mission into C1 so that the experts could develop and finish the Business Plan for the Metadata Portal. This additional mission, A1.2.3 M3, will involve two experts and will last 3 days. The work plan and budget documents were modified to include this new mission.

The calendar of missions and activities for the six-month period was approved. This calendar is accessible by clicking on this link.

BC Project Leader Mr. Andrei Filipenka informed the attendees that the Republic of Belarus is currently developing a new Law on Geodesy and Cartography. He noted that after its adoption it might be called Law on Geodesy, Cartography and Spatial Data Infrastructure. A large number of ministries and departments are involved in the development of this new law, but the State Property Committee is responsible for its development. Thus, Mr Filipenka noted that the knowledge gained within the framework of the project will help in working out the draft law and asked if the Dutch and Spanish colleagues could examine this draft law and give their comments and recommendations.

Mr Haico van der Vegt agreed that the key to the success of the spatial data structure development project is the existence of effective legislation. A possibility was left open for carrying out a two-mission activity to advise the NCA in the preliminary phase of drafting the new edition of the law.

The opening ceremony of the project was originally planned for September 25. Due to the fact that the project has not yet been registered by the Public Administration of Belarus it has been decided to postpone this event until the fourth quarter of 2019.

It is necessary to acknowledge the efforts that the NCA has made to move forward the registration of the project. Since the beginning of the project, the NCA has been deeply involved in all the complex activities associated with the registration procedure and it would be fair to thank the NCA staff for the work done so far.

Finally, the Steering Committee decided to postpone the event until December 17.

The Quarterly Report and the Work Plan were approved and signed by the MS Project Leader and the BC Project Leader.

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