The life cycle of metadata in Spain

On July 14 and 15, the sixth of the seven training actions programmed during the COVID-19 special period took place.

The session was conducted by the experts of the Spanish National Geographic Institute, Paloma Abad and Laura Alemany.


The training action features the life cycle of metadata in Spain (for datasets and services) with real cases. This action describes the metadata portal management processes. The core management process for the Metadata Portal, explaining the work done in Spain:

  • Procedure (creation, editing, updating), actors;
  • Examples of metadata creation by state organizations and private companies (or another external stakeholder);
  • Metadata Portal management processes;

Support for creating Belarus Metadata: Cadastral parcels, Addresses, Geographical names and buildings and metadata validation.

Introduction to Metadata

Metadata plays a role similar to the role played by the descriptions of books in a library and their general purpose is to make it possible to manage a collection of resources:

  • describe the characteristics of resources,
  • ensure its proper use,
  • compare with others resources,
  • judge if it is applicable or not for a different purpose and in general,
  • make it possible to correctly interpret the data and convert it into information.

The role of standards is a key element in the definition and creation of metadata. The experts reviewed the different relevant standards such as ISO 19131, ISO 19151 and ISO 19139.

Relationship of metadata, datasets and services

The presentation made by experts to show the close relationship between metadata, datasets and geospatial services was very interesting.

See presentation…

Publishing metadata

An important part of the two sessions of this training action was to exchange experience to support the NCA in publishing their metadata.

Access to video sessions…


In this training action folder you will find all the documentation used in the different sessions.

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