Third Steering Committee Meeting

On December 18, 2019 the third Steering Committee Meeting of the Twinning Project was conducted at the NCA headquarters, with the following persons in attendance:

  • Mr. Andrei Filipenka, BC Project Leader
  • Mrs. Elena Rakova, EUD Project Manager
  • Mr. Fernando Serrano, MS Project Leader
  • Mr. Haico van der Vegt, MS Junior Project Leader
  • Mrs. Maryna Litreyeva, BC RTA
  • Mr. Denis Zhukau, BC Component 4 Leader
  • Mr. Alexander Koran, BC Component 1 Leader
  • Mr. Valentin Sharyn, BC Component 2 Leader
  • Mr. Pavel Prazdou, BC Component 3 Leader
  • Mrs. Victoria Gurinovich, RTA Assistant
  • Mr. Boris Zhukov, RTA Language Interpreter
  • Mr. Jesús R. Ortega, RTA

The meeting began at 10:30. Mr. Andrei Filipenka was the first to take the floor: he welcomed the participants, made an introductory speech and suggested discussing the work done and the results achieved, as well as plans for the short and medium term.

Quarterly Report #2. 

Mr. Jesús Ortega presented the Second Quarterly Report corresponding to the period between 1 October 2019 and 31 December 2019. In this period the new project leader, Mr. Fernando Serrano, joined the team. 

The attendees were informed about the activities carried out during this period (A1.2.3 M2-M3, A2.1 M1-M4, INSPIRE Conference 2019 (Helsinki), XII Iberoamerican Cadastre Conference (Spain), Kick-Off Meeting).

The participants agreed that the activities of this period were successful and as a result of the missions carried out during this period, the following documents will be delivered in the near future: a business plan for the publication of a geospatial metadata portal and an NCA data model following the guidelines of the INSPIRE Directive.

The final version of this document is published on the project extranet.

Then the participants reviewed the plan for the missions that will take place during the first quarter of 2020 and agreed that it is necessary to postpone the A2.3 M3 to April. This calendar is accessible by clicking on this link.

BC Project Leader Mr. Andrei Filipenka suggested to coordinate the NCA work plan for 2020 with the activities planned under the twinning project. 

Also, Mr. Filipenka informed the participants of the meeting about his forthcoming lecture at the Gorki Agricultural Academy, where there is a full-term study course on land management, and he suggested qualifying this lecture as a C4 activity.

Mr. Filipenka reported that the new knowledge and expert advice generated by the project is already being applied in the NCA address and territorial unit register management software and other products currently under development. In turn, Mr. Haico van der Vegt noted that any work done counts as a contribution to the project.

Then Ms. Maryna Litreyeva informed the participants that NСA will organize an international conference on spatial data infrastructure at the end of August 2020, in which representatives of Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, South Korea and Mongolia will participate and invited Spanish and Dutch colleagues to participate in the event.

In relation to possible actions with stakeholders, Jesús Ortega proposed, as an example, the creation of a working group to establish standards for the exchange of geospatial data between organizations. Participants agreed that it would be positive to create a working group to address these issues.

In conclusion, Mr. Filipenka informed about plans to implement a pilot with Minsk City’s Central District and the NCA with a focus on blending NCA spatial  data with the data accumulated by municipal authorities. In fact, the pilot is about complementing the NCA data on the public cadastral map with the data of the city district. If successful, the project can be scaled up to cover other districts of Minsk City. While implementing the pilot, they plan to make use of SDI approaches and the Smart City concept.


The Quarterly Report #2 was approved and signed by the MS Project Leader and the BC Project Leader.

March 19, 2020 was set as the date for the fourth Steering Committee Meeting (SCM#4).

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