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NCA locations

The NCA Head Office is quite centric, here’s the link.

Most of the missions will be in the IT Building.

The project office is located on the 9th floor of this IT Building.


Minsk offers a wide range of hotels and apartments at very competitive prices.

Main Hotels used in the project:

Taxi Information

The official taxi fare to the airport is 30 Belarusian rubles (a standard taxi cab) or 40 Belarusian rubles (a premium taxi cab).

There is an office on the first floor of the airport where you can hire and get a ticket. 

Airport Transfer:

There is a taxi service run by Airport Minsk offering rides from the airport to any location in Minsk at a flat rate of Br30 (approx. 13 euros).

You can order a transfer from the airport to Minsk City:

– by visiting in person the Airport Transfer kiosks on the ground floor of the airport building at Arrival Sectors 3-4 and 5-6

– by calling +375 17 279 17 48 (landline), or 7373 (mobile), or by e-mail: [email protected]

For reference: The distance from the centre of Minsk to Minsk Airport is 42 km, from the nearest subway station Uručča (pronounced ‘uruchcha’) – 33 km. It takes around 40 minutes to get from the city centre to the airport by car.

The price for a taxi ride to/from Airport Minsk should not exceed Br50 (approx. €22). For fear of being overcharged by third-party taxi service providers, avoid invitations by men with walkie-talkie radios, who are usually on patrol at the exit of arrival gates preying on tourists.

Taxi drivers usually do not speak English and do not accept cards for payment. Some taxi cabs, however, are equipped with payment terminals, but you are supposed to warn the driver before the trip that you prefer to pay by card.

Taxi services in Minsk City

In Minsk it is recommended to download the application yandex taxi, it is very easy to use and the prices are very affordable (4 to 10 rubles).


Near IT Building

  • Yezhednevnik: Map, Self service, $
  • Bruschetta: Map, Italian, $$
  • Bergamo: Map, Italian, $$$$
  • Om Namo: Map, Indian/Vegetarian, $$
  • Yellow Slon: Map, Vegan, $$
  • Berba: Map, Local, $$
  • In Vino: Map, Italian, $$$
  • Amigos (Друзья): Map, International, $$$

Near Opera

  • Palmira: Map, Sirian, $$$
  • Punct Pitania: Map, Local, $$
  • Gurman: Map, Local, $$
  • Tovarich: Map, Local, $$

Near Center

  • Michel: Map, International, $$$
  • Vasilki: Map, Local, $$
  • Avignon: Map, International, $$$$
  • Grand Café: Map, International, $$$$

Near NCA main building

  • Olivo: Map, Local, $$
  • Muca/Myka: Map, Local, $$
  • Stolle: Map, Local, $$
  • Lido: Map, Self service, $

Medical facilities

See here a good compilation of Medical facilities in Minsk.

Tourist Guide

Here a very nice tourism guide of Minsk .

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